Monday, July 19, 2010

make it, take it........

sometimes i can see a process at work in myself,
and then i get tickled.
cause i'm learning to watch more and let things
happen inside.

not always, of course.....actually not all that
often.....laughin' here....but SOME times.
and that counts for something.

yesterday i felt more 'lost.'
burned out. fatigued. and knew i had to spend
the day just tryin' to surround myself with
things that centered me.

that i needed to do nothing more than that.

and by golly, that worked.

i didn't dwell on things, figure things out,
pick things apart. i just got cozy and stayed
in a cozy place.

by the time the evening rolled around, i was in
a 'take what you want' mood.

i could feel this strength rising inside of me.

if you want it, take it.

i put that out in one area of my life.
put out what i wanted.
and then went to bed.
feelin' pretty good about it.

biking with noah this morning, we started talkin'
business stuff.

and by golly again, i could feel that 'make it
what you want. take what you want' feelin' all over

i'm inspired with some work stuff, i'm inspired with
some personal stuff...i'm inspired.

and if you had told me yesterday that i'd be inspired
today, i woulda given you the ol' eyebrow up look like
you gotta be kiddin' me.

feels really good.
but HERE'S the big news......

if i was still lost today and burned out.....
that'd be okay too.
cause it is a process.
and we gotta give ourselves time for the strengths
to come back.

and i know that today. and i'm okay with that today.
which is maybe why i'm strong today.....

go figure.

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