Sunday, July 18, 2010


two thoughts keep kinda colliding this morning....

one that noah handed me last week on a bike ride.
he was tellin' me that he's really diggin' the
phrase 'you can't win 'em all.'

i was surprised as i had never given that phrase
any thought.

as we rode we talked about it. and oh yeah, i could
see the beauty of it.

it keeps things from gettin' too serious, it
acknowledges that there are plenty of wins and not
to sweat it when it's not a win. it's a 'let's keep
things in perspective' thing.

it's actually a cool little phrase!

i've put it to use more than once since we've talked
and it's helped me out.

there have been times tho, that something deep inside
me reacts to something, and that phrase just doesn't
do it for me.

then another thought seems to creep on in and help.
it's that if i could really sit back and get so completely
honest and open, that i would write my life script just
the way it's goin'. i would write these bumps and bruises
in. i would write the struggles mixed in with the joys.

cause they're okay. and they push me to grow.

i've got an ache inside me today.
'you can't win 'em all' didn't work.
but 'writing this into my own life script' worked.

somehow that thinking makes me understand it's a place to
grow. nothing more. it's not the end of the world, it's not
pain that will destroy me.

all it is is a place to notice, to feel, to accept, to talk
to, to love and to grow from.

it still aches....
but i don't have to fear it.
i guess it's also one of those 'puts things in perspective' phrases.


Indie said...

Wow. To be able to write from that place you mentioned would be hard...and brave!

I am way too guilty of writing from "behind the screen" and never being as raw and open and honest as I want to be.

Good question wondering what if....

what if we just did it?

Great post as usual!


Camille Olivia ~ said...

I like to think of it as "contrast". How would we be able to more clearly define what we DO want if we didn't tangle with stuff we don't? Contrast.