Monday, July 5, 2010

my day

one of those strange days....
everything was off and chaotic and yet i was
pretending it was a normal work day....

didn't work.

it's hot.

people i know are struggling.

people i don't know are struggling.

i've been inspired today.

i've been saddened today.

i've been smitten with my man today.

i've provided wisdom for one son.

scared two other sons with a strange mood.
they actually said they were scared of me.
i told them they were the scary ones.

worked hard.
got lazy.
worked on a puzzle.
worked on orders.

ate too much.
all of it vegetables.

checked on friends.
was checked in on by friends.

all in one day.

and i sit here and think of women.

of how there seems to be a natural progression
that leads to some sort of waking up.

i can't get my mind off women.

of how sooner or later something comes along
and says 'hey! hey! hey you! wake up, bud!
you actually matter. you gonna see that or what?'

thank god for that voice.

hmmmmmm........maybe that voice is god.


AlmightyHeidi said...

:) Listen to the voices :)

Pamela Jones said...

Strange day, eh? Must have been something in the air.