Monday, August 30, 2010

a great comment

sometimes some of your comments just have to be posted right here.

ms. anonymous (who i really don't know who it is!!) posted this.
and i loved the zero balance part at the end.......wanted to share.

and i loved the affirmation that all this inner work has worn me
right on out!! you are not kiddin'! but in a good way. definitely
in a good way.

here we go.........the comment i didn't want you to miss......
(and yeah, it made sense!!!)


I've been doing some past emotional healing, and trying to move myself into a new (what I call) zero balance. This all started May of 09 when I read Brene Brown's first book, and has been put on pause when I finished Caroline Myss's Anatomy of Spirit about 6 weeks ago. In between there I have read several other books, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and kept working on all the healing. Recently I went to the doctor b/c I couldn't understand why I'm so tired all the time. He told me I've been doing such internal work along with the baby girl I need time to rest. I didn't realize all that internal work could wear a person out like it does. So I completely understand where you are coming from. (The first little one did not wear me out like this second little one, so I was convinced that I had thyroid issues or some such thing)

I'll explain what I mean by Zero Balance real quick. You recently said in one of your posts you want to "operate" from that particular spot. I think everyone has a base operating level, the spot that they always operate from, and emotions and events send them a little ways from the base, but they always come back to that base, of their own particular truths. I call that spot that you repeatedly come back to your zero balance. For instance I want my self esteem to be higher now then it was in high school, and I want to operate from that higher zero balance spot of knowing I am worth more then I believed I was worth in high school. So the more self esteem is my new zero balance. Does this make sense? :)

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