Monday, August 23, 2010

hangin' on to you....

i have a bone sigh that says 'don't let them take
away who you are.'

i like that one.

in talking to a friend yesterday, i believe i said
that straight to her.

sometimes there's so many people tryin' to help us out with their way
of doin' things, that they they don't realize they're trying to
take away who we are.

don't let them do that, ya know?

sometimes they really suck and are trying to do it on
purpose, and sometimes they are really wonderful and
only tryin' to help.

but real help is seein' who we are....
seein' what it is we are offering........ourselves.

and not tryin' to change that....
but tryin' to encourage that.

whether good intent or bad is behind it....the results
are devastating if we let that happen.

we gotta step back, breathe, remember who we are,
and hang on to that......

and if it means moving to a more healthy spot and leaving
them behind.....then that's what it means.

don't let them take away who you are.


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Patricia Michael Melnice said...

Divine Sister! Your words continue to heal and support. Thank you. I am remembering who I am!
Love you.