Tuesday, August 24, 2010

raisin' the bar

i guess i'm just a mini meltdown kinda gal.

or at least, i am when i have this many family
issues swirling around me that don't look like
they're gonna stop any time soon.

if you want to unravel me, throw some family issues
my way.

so after yet another mini-meltdown last nite,
i grabbed my new book, defy gravity. (by caroline myss)

i do believe this may be one of my all time favorite
books. i'm only on page 74, so i'm not sure yet.
but if i had to vote so far, it would make it to the
top rankings.

i am loving this book.

i found a whole lotta wonderful things in it.
but there was one thing i read over and over last nite
about a thousand times......

'as attractive as inner empowerment or healing might seem,
making the choice to move from being ill or in crisis
(as in mini-meltdowns)
to being on the path to personal transformation requires

i read that over and over. out loud. silently.

and that raises the bar part caught my attention big time.

i think what i do is raise the bar, settle in, get sloppy,
things unravel, i get discontented, and then i work on
raising the bar again.

i would guess that's my pattern.

things have definitely gotten sloppy.
things have definitely been unraveling.
i have definitely been discontented.

and now, i see i have work to do.

i woke up super early yet again this morning.
yet again thinking about my life.

just handle things one at a time, ter.
as they come at ya, face them, deal with them,
and set that bar where you want it.

it's up to you.

that's my plan...........

and now, instead of sittin' here kinda cowering about
what's coming next, i'm feelin' that gleam in my eye.

bring it on, baby.
i'm ready for you.


Pamela Jones said...

That IS powerful...raising the bar...and it also says you expect to be able to soar over that height every time! Isn't it weird how we become more an more competent in dealing with life, until family issues send us right back to who we used to be? I think it could be a real adventure to face those issues as the person you are NOW! Bet those issues become tiny and just blow away in the breeze.

Anonymous said...

:) I could relate to your "raising the bar" description...what I've come to realize, though, is that there truly is not going back. I'm never as 'sloppy' as I once was. I'm never as "settled" in either. And when I feel I've grown stagnat, and work to raise that bar again, I find it's never quite as low as it once was - or, coming from the same starting place.

Caroline Myss is wonderful. Her books "Anatomy of the Spirit" and "Sacred Contracts" literally rocked my world a few years ago. I'll need to check into Defy Gravity. Sounds delish! :)

skye said...

Thank you, Terri, I love this & it really is applicable to my life right now.
And Pomegranate, I concur, in my experience, once one says to the Universe "I want to wake up" there is no going back! :-)

Sue said...

I like the raising the bar concept - it feels empowering, & we all need to feel like we are taking control, being pro-active and strong. But...there's also nothing wrong with keeping the bar right where it is for awhile in order to be gentle, find peace and just BE. I'm completely with ya Ter -family issues are the most stressful by far for me too. And if you have several things swirlin' just make sure you're taking care of yourself really well. I gave 2 of my closest friends your book as a gift today; they were overjoyed to receive it. Don't ever forget that EXTRAORDINARY gift you have. So glad you're willing to share it so openly. <3