Sunday, August 22, 2010

really cool words...

i do like words.
i like the sound of words, i love to hear new words
and new names and i love to repeat them over and over
and listen to how they sound.

i get a lotta opportunity for this when i sit and listen
to bob and the guys talk.

first of all, they talk guy stuff.
i always smile when they say 'torque' cause i love that
word and i never can think of any reason to say it.
and they actually say it a lot.

it's a great word.
and i'd really like some opportunity to use it and mean it.
and have no one know that i've never said it in a real
life sentence before. i mean, i'd want to sound smooooooth
with it, ya know? like they do.

last nite, a whole buncha things i never heard of came
up in conversation. bob had something goin' on with work
and in his telling us about it, a whole buncha really cool
words came out.

my complete and total favorite - well, besides the name
thule, greenland
was zulu time.

zulu time??????????



apparently greenwich mean time is also called zulu time???
no one knew why when i asked......

say it out loud......ZULU TIME.........

but they go by z-time.
of course.
is that cool or what???


and then there's the whole figurin' out what time that means.
i'm still workin' on that.

but apparently, if you work with people around the world,
you talk in z-time.

did you guys know this???

i soooo want to talk in z time.

so i told the guys.....'hey!we can set up our business meetings
in zulu time!!'

i personally like zulu more than z.
but you know, they both really have their place.
so i want to use both.

i sat on the couch repeating cool words and intrigued with the
way 'zulu time' makes your mouth feel exotic.

i have trouble retaining what 'torque' is let alone throwin'
it in the conversation. i never even realized there WAS a
thule, greenland.....there's so so so much cool conversation
out there and i just don't talk that way.

i commented on this to the guys.

yeah, the guys agreed, but they looked at me and said
'none of us say we want to be a prayer.'

oh yeah, i said.

oh yeah.

that's cool talk too.

maybe we can all travel to thule, greenland on zulu time and
be a prayer....maybe all that energy would torque the earth
or something.......

i so love words....


Patricia Michael Melnice said...

Ter, does "I'm really torqued off" qualify? I've found myself using that a time or two!

Zulu time . . . hmmm. I wonder if that's where the whole attitude in the Zulu tribe originates. For example . . . "I'll be there just now" can mean this afternoon or tomorrow. Don't have your jacket on waiting at the door . . . you'll likely be waiting a long time. The other phrase they always use -"I'm coming now, now." which again means anything to after dinner tonight, in 5 minutes or tomorrow. There is a pace in Africa that far differs from anything one sees in the US.

Maybe Zulu time is all about slowing down. Hmmm. Now you have me wondering?!

paradox said...

Ok..after your first paragraph I automatically heard Buddy (Elf) say,
"Francisssscoo...Francisscoo...that's a cool name to say"...and then sitting in the corner with a picture book...over and over again.."Frannnncciissscoo". (Madeleine and I watched it at the cabin and it lasted the whole week!)
I know..not very deep commentary on your love of words...but I'm just a "cotton-headed ninny-muggins".

paradox said... I left the comment I was reminded of something.
I LOVE these "word verification" words. I always think about whether or not they are REAL words. And if not, I like to think about what the definition would be if it were a real word.
Right now it's showing "Eacksti". I think it's a 1700s basket for carrying wild mushrooms back from the fields. Lol. Eacksti

Sherry said...

LOL Thanks Terri, this post made me smile...I needed that today. You are indubitably good.

Sue said...

Well...being married to an engineer.... I get to hear about torque, velocity, modulus of elasticity and MY all time favorite....TURBINES. My husband is a turbine expert! How cool is that? And he knows all about torque. Believe it or not, it's also important for ICU, ER and Orthopedic NURSES to understand torque as well! And don't forget about phase angle and yeild strength! Lol :-)

Zenchick said...

i got a chuckle out of the boys pointing out your "cool talk". the thought of them saying that to you put a smile on my face!