Saturday, August 21, 2010

one heck of a paragraph

it was one of those odd flukes that
brought me to this book -
'defy gravity' by caroline myss.

i knew it and went with it.
i'm not very far into it, but quite excited
about it.

i read the most beautiful paragraph in it
and wanted to share.......

'consider that we are living at a major turning point
in the history of humanity, a time of great crisis and
great opportunity. it may be unreasonable to imagine
that you can make a difference to a world in crisis
based on how you undertake your own healing, yet i
believe this to be true. it makes no sense to our logical
minds that as we heal, the whole of life heals. yet the
power of one mustard seed can move a mountain; the power
of one clear light does illuminate the darkness; the power
of a person devoted to truth becomes a channel for healing
grace that benefits all humanity. no matter what you heal
within yourself, from a negative thought to a progressive
cancer, the very act of healing has in some way made a
difference to everyone on the planet. it is a truth that
goes beyond the bounds of ordinary reason, but so does all
mystical truth, and that is why such truth has the power
to heal.'


Pamela Jones said...

Absitively and Posolutely!

Merry ME said...

Although I've had trouble reading Myss because she's a little too cerebral for me, I can totally relate and agree with this paragraph. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

"One life--all life"