Friday, August 20, 2010


i just posted some goofy vid clip on josh's face book page.

i was lookin' for a different one. one we quote all the time.
couldn't find snagged one where the three brothers
as grown men are visiting their mom's grave. with one of the
brothers' sons.

i watched and laughed and thought of my sons......
and how different they all are from each other.

i'm appreciating them this morning.
i sat and thought 'there's nothing like family.'
then had to laugh.

i'm not close to my family. the one i was raised with.
but the one i raised, i couldn't be closer.
so i see both angles. both sides.
and i think maybe i value our closeness that much more
because i have a little extra insight in how precious it is.

made me think about the idea of creating the life you want.

it may not be handed to you gotta create it.

that's something to think about every day.....

in between those thoughts, how about a clip to make you laugh....

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