Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tea with the universe....

i grabbed my book on the way out the door.
'just in case.' i thought.

rarely do i do that.
she's usually there before i am, and if i wait,
it's just a few minutes.

but what the heck.
i grabbed it anyway.

interestingly enough, i forgot both my watch
and my cell phone.

i just love that part. because it ended up being

i sat outside with a cup of warm tea, a jacket on
in the middle of august and read my book.

that in itself was heaven.

and i kept reading.

turns out she had overslept.

and i realized i was handed a gift.

i love her company. and she herself is a gift.

but today, perhaps what i most needed was this time
outside on a beautiful morning sitting with this book.

i read and read and read.

the tears came to my eyes over and over.

i feel like the author came and sat down with me and
looked right inside of me and said 'terri, terri,
terri, you've forgotten. let me help you remember.'

over and over she's reminding me of the real journey.
the real focus.

over and over she's reminding me of what it is i want
out of my life.

i can't remember ever being affected like this by a book
before. i can't remember ever needing a book like this

i stayed sitting outside long after it was obvious
my friend wasn't going to make it. only leaving because
the reading was so intense to me and i didn't want to
sit at the table with tears running down my face.

i'd go home and finish the section in private.

i feel like someone came and held me today and stroked
my hair and whispered all the important things i've
forgotten into my ear.

and the gratitude for that is just overwhelming.

i underlined so much stuff, i'm not even sure what
to share here.

gonna pick two sentences i really loved.....

'the goal of life is spiritual empowerment - to learn
to use the power of our souls in acts of creation
guided by divine instruction.'


'this is the test of this journey of life: how much
truth can you absorb on this journey of illusion while
still living within the illusion?'

my friend called when i got home to apologize.

i told her what a gift it ended up being. that i would
have just kept working if i knew.....and how i felt
so guided thru the reading.

we caught up quickly, laughed, shared some love...
and then each turned to our day.

and this morning's tea break is one of the best i've
ever had...

cause i think i just had tea with the universe...


Merry ME said...

I love it when serendipity happens!
A book, a cup of tea, a little sunshine, cool air. Wow! What a way to spend a morning.

Pamela Jones said...

Sounds heavenly...raising a cup and toasting terri and the universe!