Friday, September 17, 2010

the cave at nite

it's a good thing i figured out this cave of mine is vast.

cause i keep finding things to put in it!

waking up last nite with stuff on my mind,
i tossed around a pretty good while before it finally
occurred to me...

ter....put it down.
put it in that cave.

oh yeah.......

and it was dark.
in the middle of the nite.
it was easy to close my eyes and picture the cave.

and for some reason...
maybe i had been up so long with it and was really
tired...i don't know...
it was easy to put it down in there.

stuff is coming up every which way.
there's this 'purge' feelin' goin' on.

i thought i was just gonna walk into this cave
and throw everything down and then see what came

i didn't know that there'd be layers upon layers
comin' up that i needed to throw down.

but of course.

it's not that easy to throw 'everything' down.

some of that 'everything' is buried pretty deep
or rooted pretty strong...

this is the weirdest thing goin' on.

i have moments of overwhelm.
when i first feel the feelings.
it's so srong.
and's over for a bit til the next one
comes along.

and the cave gets more and more crowded.

my gosh, there's a whole lot inside me!

there's a whole lot to release.

and stange as it sounds, this cave is really
helpin' me do that.

where i go with it, i don't know.

but heck, i'm too far in to quit now.

we'll just see how it goes.......

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