Friday, September 17, 2010

lava lamps!

there's a family dynamic around here that helps
to understand.

josh and i have some major child like behavior as
part of our personalities.

noah and zakk do not.

this makes for some interesting moments.
and some interesting combinations between us all.

noah and zakk had been busy all day cleanin' out
the attic so they could get back up there pretty soon.
that's where they work during the cooler months.

josh stopped by on his way home from work.

i was in the kitchen when i heard noah ask josh if he
wanted their old lava lamps.

exactly at the same time josh was enthusiastically
responding yes, absolutely, i was shouting from the
kitchen 'i want a lava lamp!!'

and the kid personalities took over.
i rushed over to the living room where josh and i
ohhed and ahhed over lava lamps. both so excited about

josh graciously agreed i could have one.

which color???

and i graciously accepted the color of the one he offered
as he already had that color.

rushing off to my room with it i kept delighting out loud:
'i have a lava lamp! i always wanted a lava lamp!'

noah and zakk were stunned.
they were gonna toss them out.
it was just a side thought to ask josh about them.
they had no idea they'd create a delighted ruckus.

and a ruckus it was.
it was as if you gave josh and i a huge huge treasure.
which is exactly what they did!

at some point as we all sat around waiting for my new lava
lamp to warm up and get movin', it occurred to me:
'you guys are gonna want these back cause EVERYONE loves
a lava lamp. we'll just keep them for you til you're ready
to take them back, okay? they're still yours.'

they felt confident that would be fine.
and i kept sayin' over and over 'i always wanted a lava
lamp!' and just smiling with delight.

i told them the story of how i slept in one of their rooms
one nite years ago when we had company.
i wanted to kill the company. i had had it.
i couldn't take any more.
so i went into their room, cuddled in on my air mattress
and watched their lava lamp til i felt human again.

we laughed over the memories and talked of how soothing
these things are......

i may never have a tense moment again in my life!
cause i have my own lava lamp now!


Sorrow said...

mine is red.... :P

Pamela Jones said...

Bloop! Gloop, Gloop, Bloop!

peggi said...

you mean all it takes is a lava lamp? who knew?! going out to get mine asap!!