Thursday, September 30, 2010

drinkin' my water...

ahhh man....
i don't know where i'm at.
i've been doin' great. really good. concentratin'
on what i need to, good attitude, no fears, stuff
not bothering me (too much)....

and then yesterday this tiny little voice said
'you know, nothing's changed, it's all gonna fall
on your head in just a bit....'

ahhhhhh man.
i told that voice it was wrong and hushed it.
heard it again later and had a bit more trouble
tellin' it it was wrong.

then a bad dream to back it all up.

ahhhhhh man.

so i walked.
this is a big deal for me right now as i hurt my foot.
a walk around the block is a long walk.
which is a drag.
but today, i went TWICE around that block!
which felt like heaven.
well, a tender footed heaven.

i decided how i wanted to handle this was just be
healthy today. that was it.
just be healthy.
gonna eat healthy, think healthy, and do things that
feel healthy.

and let the rest take care of itself...

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