Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a quick good morning

some mornings you just wake up right.

the nite was cool and delicious, sleeping
sound a wee bit longer thanks to no alarm.
when i woke up, i smiled at the clock and hopped
outta bed.

lookin' out the window i soaked in the air.

i was later than usual, so i wasn't gonna stop
and say good morning to the world.
but i couldn't resist.

'just a quick one.' i thought, as i grabbed a
cup of water and stepped out on my front stoop.

i sat down next do a daddy long legs.
and looked up at the sky.

you could hear the acorns dropping across the street.
that intrigued me. i got caught up in that.
there really were a lot of them.
then all the sounds.
wow, can you really hear traffic!
i tune that out all the time.
you can really hear that.

i went back to lookin' at the sky....

somehow or another my thoughts rambled to some stuff
that had been hurting me a lot a few months back.

this morning it didn't hurt.
i smiled.
i had tucked it all in my cave.
and it honestly wasn't botherin' me at all this morning.
i remembered one of my favorite phrases -
'it's like a big so what.'

i know that everything has come together for me to feel
this way this morning, including a good nite's sleep
with cool air blowin' thru the windows. i know that.
and i know things cycle and change and i'll be back
around to the hurt at another time.

but this morning it's a big so what.

and i thought of my life.
and i thought of all the amazing amazing good in it.
and i thought of the people who can't see that.
too bad for them, i thought.
and i really meant it.
too bad for people who can't see.

too bad.

but then again....
it's really just a big so what.

i thanked the universe for my life, finished
my water and scooted in to relish one heck of
a delicious day.

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