Tuesday, September 28, 2010

whatever form it takes....

oh my gosh, i know some wise wonderful women!

actually was doin' business with one of them,
but we sidetracked over to the personal...

and she said something i loved.
actually she said a lotta things i loved.
but this one i wrote down....

her life is good, way good.
describing it in a delicious way, i knew that
she had deep gratitude for her life. and i loved

and as she was telling me about a situation in
her life that would make me hop up and down and
want more...she calmly and happily told me that
it was gift in whatever form it takes.

it was a gift in whatever form it takes.

how totally awesome is that?!
i leaned back in my chair.
it was not lost on me that i have not seen things in
my life that way that i really really wish i had.

so i jotted down on my desk 'whatever form it takes'
so that i could remember my gratitude, and my gifts,
and not need them to be more than they already are.

great concept, don't ya think?

and there she was just spouting it off easily and naturally.

i really know some really cool women......


Merry ME said...

So do I!

Grace said...

'Whatever form it takes'...wow, that is so powerful! Like it should be the 'amen' to every prayer and wish and intention.

"I want to experience more Love, please! In whatever form it takes!"

"I want to make a meaningful contribution to the world, please! In whatever form it takes!"

"Please help me to express my creativity more deeply, please, in whatever form it takes!"

:) oooohhhh NICE!!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Amen Sistah! :)