Saturday, September 4, 2010

just bein' and laughin' pretty hard about it......


i just had such a great laugh!
what a way to start my day!

i just wrote my blog and posted it.
and when i went to proofread it
(yeah, i do that AFTER the fact)
i found myself at JOSH'S blog!

i gasped!
put my hands over my mouth and my
eyes popped out.

he was using my computer last nite....
i was signed in as him!!!

which is all the more funny when you see
the post i posted......

i deleted it off of there.
i think.
i sure hope.


so here's the blog that used to be on josh's
blog......that makes it sooooooo much better!


it's a gorgeous morning!
woke up thinking about loving beyond reason.
living beyond reason.

and toilet seats.
need a new one.

i CAN be practical.

i'm headin' off to lowes......gonna drive the back way
and talk to the trees....

and just be.

just plain ol' be.

cause it's too darn pretty out for anything else this morning.


Josh Urban said...

Hahaha! Well, good thing I didn't do the same thing with your facebook yesterday! Everyone would wonder why all the sarcastic ranting!

Indie said...

I had a pretty "blue" week. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!