Sunday, September 5, 2010

a september day.........

it is a gorgeous day here.
i mean GORGEOUS.
and i really had no idea HOW much weather affects me.

but my gosh....this mornin' i'm zippin' around
going 'ohhhhhh i should do a laundry! ohhhh no wait!
let me make the bed first! ohhhhhh i gotta get outside!
ohhhh i can't wait to get into my studio and do a little


cool weather really makes me chipper.

i hurt my foot two weeks ago.
i don't think there was any real reason to hurt it.
i mean, any physical thing i did to it.

i really think my emotions got to me. and it came
out that way.
i really really do.

the foot's a whole whole whole lot better today.


the things i've been really strugglin' with are all
smoothin' out........

as is my foot.

kinda makes me want to run around the yard a bit as
i have been doin' as little movin' as possible.

i'm gonna be conservative with it today....
i think....
but i'll be dancin' in my heart.

feels like with the heat lifting outside, there's
also been some real fog lifting on the inside.

today feels way way good.
inside and out.

i do like september.....

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

Funny, I never thought of you doing the laundry! NOt that I ever thought of you in one of those hoarder's home you see on TV either. I guess that even creative, artistic, bike-riding deep thinkers need clean underpants!

Wishing for a bit of chill in the FL air. At least it's not 100+ degrees.