Sunday, September 5, 2010

special agent terri

i know i've taken the big turn away from the funk....
cause i'm laughin' again pretty easily.

i'm headin' back to where i wanted to be goin'.
i can just so darn feel it.

the guys said something about a special agent.
have no idea what they were talking about cause
i got so distracted with the phrase.

'special agent.'

'i want to be special agent terri!' i announced.

and i kept repeating it.......

special agent terri here.

hi, i'm special agent terri.

did you need something? special agent terri at your

they pointed out to me it should be 'special agent st. cloud.'

nah, gotta be terri.

they looked at each other and nodded.....yeah, terri.

so i decided.

i want to go with that.

was thinking maybe i could even get a red phone.

do special agents have red phones???

i want a red phone to go with the title.

and a tee shirt.

altho the guys said it's a badge, not a shirt.....

i'd rather have the shirt.......

hmmmmmmm...........things to work towards!

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

What will be your mission, Special Agent Terri, should you choose to accept it?