Sunday, September 5, 2010

a moment in my day......

there are moments i totally forget who i am
and where i'm going.

and there are many moments i have no idea what
it's about.

and then...there are moments when i know who i am
and and i can see me....and i like who i've become.

i had one of those moments today.
completely unexpected.
intense conversation with someone i haven't really
'talked' with in ten years. not really. not from
the heart.

but i could tell he needed it.
and so i stopped and talked.

and i heard some of the stuff i was sayin'.
and i realized that i had truly honestly learned
some stuff along the way.

'i've talked to some people' he said, 'but not this
intense.' and i smiled.

yeah, when it comes to this stuff, i'm intense.

depression, darkness, loss of way.

i told him i wasn't sorry he was there.
that i only wish we all could find our way to that hell
and then find our way thru it and out to the other side.

too many people never go there, i said.
and they never wake up to who they really are.

i reminded him that it was okay.

more than once i spoke with tears in my eyes.
always, i spoke from the depths of my heart.

and i watched his pain.
and i held his pain with him.

and i knew that life truly is filled with struggle.
and i truly knew that it was okay.
because somewhere in there is where we touch each other.

somewhere in there we touch each other, we touch
ourselves....and if we're lucky, we touch god.

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