Friday, September 24, 2010

mister noah

twenty two years ago one of the most gentle souls
landed on the planet...

my son, noah, was born!!!!

here's a story which may not make sense to anyone
else but me as an example of how cool he is...
but to me, it's just so noah.

i was tryin' to work hard yesterday so i could take off
today. but i tell ya, by the time evening hit, i couldn't
take it anymore. i lay flat on my studio floor and groaned.

noah and zakk were hangin' out in there with me also working.

we decided we needed a 'west wing' break.
i'm in love with that show and noah has that on dvd's.

the guys have the tv.
they bought it one day in a revolt against the 'little' thing
i had in the closet.
they bought a flat screen thing for their office.
thing is....their office is in the attic and it got hot again.

so if we were gonna watch, they'd have to bring it downstairs.

and so they did.

i flopped myself down on the couch as zakk was firing it all up.

it was 'choppy' at first.
so i teased zakk about that.
'choppy, zakk.'

it gives me great pleasure to say stuff like that to zakk.

as we were waiting for zakk to adjust it all,
noah turns to me and says 'mom, do you get what's goin' on

of course, i didn't.

and noah explained to me that zakk had the tv connected
to his lap top which was hooked up to the wireless computer
in the attic which was all being controlled by his phone or
something like that! lol!

there zakk sat workin' it all with his phone!

noah was so impressed with zakk.
as i was after noah explained it all to me.

noah didn't want me to miss what a cool thing it was that
zakk was doin'.

THAT is noah.

he didn't want me to miss his brother's creative genius
stuff. and he gently pointed it out and delighted in
both my reaction when i figured it out, and in zakk's
doin' it in the first place.

i love that about him.

he can truly delight in other's talents.
even to the point of pointing them out so others
don't miss them!!

that is something so beautiful to watch.
i think that just says a ton about someone.

we'll be celebrating him today!
truly one of the most gentle, shining stars on the planet.

happy birthday, noah!


Pamela Jones said...

"So shines a good deed in a weary world." Shine on, Noah!

Indie said...

"one of the most gentle, shining stars on the planet"

what a wonderful way to describe your son!


AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm thinking it all came from a wonderful Star Woman who showed those Sons the beautiful lights they all truly are!

Truly wonderful Sons!
Truly wonderful StarMom!

Happy Birthday Noah! :)