Sunday, September 26, 2010

table slapping fun

as i walked by the kitchen this morning,
i glanced over at the table.
it was cleared and cleaned up, but it
still had that gathering feeling from last
nite. i smiled the second i saw it.

i kept walking, and kept smiling.

i haven't laughed so hard around our table in
awhile like i did last nite.

everything came together for a really good
laughing session.


and i gotta say, it's been awhile since i've
seen every one of us laugh this much.

it was like i could do a camera shot in my head
of everyone of us, and i could see a shot of
each face laughing hard.

there was that family magic goin' on.
the rhythm, the teasing, the inside jokes.

i can say things with these guys that i can't say
anywhere else. we all can. i even shocked bob last
nite, which is rare, and extremely fun.

i've talked about it before...the safe place that
makes it possible...

but i'm not sure it's really dawned on me before
like it did this morning...

it's something that we created.

i know.
that's one of those 'duh' statements.

but at the same time, it's not for me.
it's really important.

i thought it was 'family.'
i thought it was the magic of family knowin' each other
and the dance between members.

but i didn't have this growin' up.
it wasn't a safe spot.
there wasn't total freedom in joking.
there were undercurrents and anger stuff and teasing
that hurt.

i know that.
i know i never experienced anything like this stuff
before. and i really understood that it is more than
just 'bein' family.' it's something we have all created.

there's a respect all around that table everyone has for
each other.

my gosh.

i remember meeting an older couple once at a party.
they impressed me as i felt they truly loved each other.
as i watched and listened to try to figure out some key
to their beauty, what i came away with was 'respect.'
i saw how much they respected each other.

and this morning, that's what occurred to me....
it's the respect along with the love.
you gotta have that respect.

my gosh.
and when you do.....oh the fun you can have!
table slapping fun.

that's really hittin' me this morning......

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Respect and Honoring...that is what it is all about, isn't it? It creates that Peace that comes from within and radiates outward...I so love that place!

Says a lot about You and Your Family StarCloud! Lots and Lots of Star Stuff! :) And Holiness in the moment stuff too!