Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a toast

okay, this just keeps making me laugh.....
it's too good not to share.

my hormones have been crazy.
just crazy.

i have been intense about everything.
every emotion intense.
just off kilter goofy.

i have been soooooo waiting for my period to
come along and balance me out.
truly, it's the time of my cycle i am the
most peaceful and profound.

well, thank goodness, it came!


i was feelin' so good about this.
and yes, i could feel a change inside me.
nowhere near as intense and nutso.

i took my glass up to the guys' studio
as they had something up there i wanted to

i stood there in between their two desks with
this glass with ice in it in my hand.

they looked up and said 'hey, mom, how you

and i sighed and said with much emphasis....
'ohhh SO much better. i got my period.'

and without even blinking, they both, at the
same time, picked up their cups on their desk
and clinked my cup as if we were toasting the
period....AND the END of the intense craze.

i laughed and laughed.

'no! that's not why i came up!'

and they looked confused.

i laughed some more.

'i came up for a drink!!'

and then we all laughed.
they honestly thought i was there to toast
my period!

that just keeps making me laugh and laugh.
AND they went along with it without even hesitating.

honest to pete, i have got the best sons on the

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Anonymous said...

if I ever have a son or sons I hope they are like your boys! too cute!!!