Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the void part two.....

so i don't know how to describe any of this,
but it's too cool not to try to put out here anyway!

this void's a cave.
(see post below)

i've got this constant image of a cave i'm carryin'
around inside me. and i'm sittin' in the cave all
alone having thrown everything in my life and in
my head and in my heart down on the floor.

waiting patiently for the things i need to shimmer
and glimmer. those i'll pick back up and hold as

that part seems easy to describe.
the part that's hard to describe is that i'm not
actively tryin' to do any of this.
i'm just letting it all kinda take place.

not sure how i'll know anything, i just kinda
keep goin', trusting i'll know.

i'm not thinking it thru.
there's no thinking involved.
which is really odd for me.

and sure enough.....
i got one heck of a sparkle yesterday.
one heck of a lump of shimmering shining.

and guess what it was???

bone sigh arts.


i got FILLED with this feeling of it being
a gift, of it being MY gift. and of the joy
of it all.

this is huge as it's been hard with bone
sighs and i have even questioned that.

and there, yesterday, holding this glimmering
hunk of a diamond kinda thing, i was filled
with joy.

i was really doin' the floating on air thing,
i was so happy.
still feelin' pretty good this morning!

bone sighs.

i tried to tell the guys about it.
but um....ohmygosh.......sometimes it's just
too crazy.

i sat at the table with them and said 'have i told
you guys about the void??'

zakk looks at me and says 'last i heard it was
a sink hole and you were layin' on the edge of it.'

i just burst out laughing.

oh yeah. well, i'm past that, i said.

i tried to tell them.
but sayin' 'i figured out bone sigh arts is a gift
and it's my gift and it's a treasure,' just gets
kinda lost around the table somehow.

but that's where i'm at.

feelin' pretty dizzy with happiness over bone sighs.

what can i say??

i want to see what other treasures float up to me.

see, i know they've been here all along.
but i've lost them in all the gunk of the other stuff.
the other stuff that i'll leave layin' on the cave floor.

it's like a dramatic cleaning of my inner house.

so far so good.


Merry ME said...

Sounds like my dirty clothes hamper and me looking through it for stuff that dropped out of the pockets. Only that stuff doesn't always sparkle. It's cool, though when I spy Dad's pocket angel!

I think I get your description!

May your day be full of things that sparkle!

Grace said...

:) "The Void"

I like that (I read both posts). I like it that you can embrace the Void without trying to fill it yourself, or even empty it yourself.

Been going through something similar, although I can't say the end result is the same...maybe that's because I'm still IN the Void. The distancing you mentioned - it's been odd. Almost like a cotton wall between me and 'them'. It's been hard not to try to just figure out a way to tear it down aggressively, but to wait it out...flow with it....see where the Void carries me, and who will be there at the other end.

I thought perhaps it was something astrological (Ha! :)...) or seasonal (we're entering into Fall here - symbollically and energetically a slowing down time - a harvesting time - a 'falling away' sort of time.) What it is,

I am immensely encouraged by your JOY. And I love your art!