Friday, October 29, 2010


fridays are lovely.

we used to have our 'executive lunch' out every friday.
i loved that.

but then budgets got too tight and we changed it to
executive lunch in every friday.
that was completely different fun and great too.

they sorta faded as everyone's schedule got hectic and
turned into 'let's grab a cup of tea' break.

there's dinner gatherings when there aren't dates goin'

last week i took walk in the woods with josh in the morning.

this morning i took a bike ride with noah.

tonite we're all headin' to josh's shindig.
it's a combination cd release party and student recital.
he's combining them which is so fun and so cool for his

i think of starting the day with noah on the bike,
and ending the day watchin' josh play his music and take
care of his students.

fridays are lovely.

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