Friday, October 29, 2010

a slug.....

i slept in today.
ran up to the attic in my pj's where noah was already
dressed all spiffy and workin' away.

wanna take a bike ride??? i asked him.

he looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of
his and i thought they were the clearest, perkiest eyes
of his i've seen in awhile. he'd been sick. and wasn't
so perky for a bit. i was distracted with thinking of
how healthy he looked and it was so good to see while
he was deciding if he should go or not.

funny, how they distract me. i have so many mom thoughts
floating around when i look at them.

scanning his day in his mind, he agreed and out we went.

we had just gotten to the end of the driveway when a
neighbor rode by. i love this woman. she has the best
laugh. she hadn't seen my bike before so she stopped
to comment. i showed off the tassles and then flipped
it around so she could see my license plate. we laughed
together so much that as she pulled away, noah and i
rode off in the other direction laughing.

what a great way to start the ride!

but my gosh, i'm one outta shape cookie!

i haven't done much of any real exercise in prolly a month.
oh man.
i felt it too.

great timing to feel like a slug too.
as last nite i was thinking about my life and how i wanted
my outsides to reflect my insides.

health is a gift. and while i've got it, i want to keep it
in good shape.

i struggle constantly with what i eat. if there's a cookie
in the house it's calling my name. oh man.

so what i need now is that glass of water to be calling my name.

'mmmmmmmmm come drink me, i'm healthy and you need me.......'

how come i never hear that??????

gonna work on that.
maybe i could keep noah's healthy perky eyes in my mind.
he and i have the same eyes. (well, mine have more wrinkles)
but i know that they're very similar. so maybe i can picture
them, think of health and hear the water calling me.

you never know.
but one could try.

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Merry ME said...

They've invented every other kind of flavored water - why not chocolate chip?