Tuesday, October 5, 2010

god is leakin' outta the cave...

cave talk is the norm over here now.
and if you've missed that, it's a buncha
posts below...

i figure i should say that as the first sentence
i wanted to type is 'god's leakin' outta the cave.'

yeah. yeah.
and i'm really really tickled about this.

it's just a leak right now.
a slow, steady leak.
but it's there.
and i can't even begin to express my joy over this.

it kinda makes me sit back and think of this whole
process...how what i had wasn't workin' for me.
so i had nothing. and now, something even better's
comin thru. i really think that's the case.

so you want weird?
i was walkin' and thinking about all this.
really lost in thought. apparently so lost in thought
that i didn't realize i was 'clappin' my hands as i

a neighbor was sitting out on her porch as i went by.
she hollered 'good morning.'

i looked up startled, laughed, and told her i didn't
see her as i was so lost in my thoughts.

she laughed back, commented on my clapping and asked
me if it was a new exercise to do while you walked.

great. great. i must look pretty odd sometimes.

i stopped and asked how her and her family were doin'.
and commented on the good news of her husband workin'
again. he'd been out of a job for awhile and was back
workin'. not at something he loved, but heck, it was
a job.

her face lit up and she told me about a job he had wanted
for a long time, and how he finally got an interview and
it looked like he just might get it. and 'we'd be better
off than when we started this whole mess.' she said.

i kinda leaned back as that hit me in the face.

we'd be better off than when we started this whole mess.

i know the feeling.

as i was walkin' away i thought of that...
do i believe everything happens for a reason?
no. used to. don't anymore.

but do i believe there's something there? yeah, i do.
not sure what.
but something.

and god is leakin' outta the cave...
and it's feelin' awful good.....

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