Tuesday, October 5, 2010

more god stuff...

josh called with something on his mind.
we talked for awhile and were finishin' up
when he said 'wait! wait! how YOU doin' today??'

i smiled and said 'oh, good. i wrote some stuff
about god today and it felt good.'

he laughed.

'you just never know what you'll hear when you ask,
do you, josh?'

'no, mom, i really don't.'

we laughed and said goodbye.

turned out that god was leakin' out in all my writing
yesterday. it sure is a leaky god time around here.

here's my favorite.


i looked for you in their stories
and i couldn't find you there.
i looked for you in my own stories
and i lost you there.
crying, i released all parts of you
and waited in silence.
a forever silence.
wondering if i'd ever see you again.
wondering if i'd ever touch you again.
slowly, you crept back into my being.
slowly, i understood you never left.
quietly, i watched.
quietly i felt.
trembling, i stood in awe.
trembling, i bowed my head
as your presence filled me.


Grace said...

oh...this is so beautiful and so full of truth. It is a powerful understanding to know that God is always with us - in our very blood. I think that if I could always remember that, I would never worry, fear or feel lack.

Merry ME said...

"Slowly I understood you never left."

Mmmmmm! Love it

AkasaWolfSong said...

God is consciousness that is ever expanding...

:) I have that hanging on my frig! It is a daily reminder to be still and listen and know that we are always filled with the Love and Light of God...always.
"slowly I understood you never left..."

Blessings StarCloud! :)

Pamela Jones said...

Very nice, ter...very very nice.

"Slowly I understood you never left."