Saturday, October 9, 2010

the highlights!

what a day!

a much needed day!

i could feel how much i needed some time off.
i could feel how it's gonna take me the three
days to really get relaxed like i want to...

and we sure made a good start to it yesterday.

last nite as i got into bed, i thought of the
best moment i had with each son...and with myself...
it was easy. the moments popped right in.

there was finding the used book store, and walkin'
right in. not even asking anyone if they wanted
to go in there. knowing if i asked, they'd skip
it. just walkin' in, not looking back, wandering
thru all the zig zaggy shelves. ploppin' myself
down in a chair for a few moments. then gettin'
up to look to see what happened.

sure enough, noah had found heaven.
he was lost in a corner of the book store, with
a happy gleam in his eyes.

i knew he'd love it. and he did.
after a bit, zakk, josh and i wandered outside
to sit down and wait for him. josh heard a train,
and took off runnin' with his camera. zakk and i
talked about noah's delight in the books as we
waited...and sure enough....after a bit, he came
out with a book in hand, eyes lit up with happiness.

that was my noah moment.

josh was faster. lightning fast. like josh.
and it was several moments. it was the times during
the day that we said the exact same thing at the exact
same time. i love that. i have never had anyone i was
so connected to in thoughts like that. and each time
it happened i laughed with delight.

and zakk....was so fitting 'let's watch
a movie' guy. we were home after a day of wandering,
and watchin' a movie. it wasn't one that he had picked
and i figured there was a good chance he wouldn't like
it. turns out we all loved it....(an aussie film called
'the dish') it made us all laugh over and over again.
at one point, i leaned over laughing, and brushed up
against zakk who was laughin' pretty hard too. my hand
fell on his, and he gave it a squeeze. that was my
moment with zakk.

and with myself?
we were on our way to go check out a waterfall...we've
been there before...and were headin' there again. and
as we hit the park area, the stream that ran thru it
just grabbed my heart so much i couldn't stand it.
'i don't want to see the waterfall' i announced as zakk
drove thru the place. 'i gotta stop and be with this
stream! everyone's at the waterfall! but we can be alone
with this stream! whattya think??'

the group's easy. anything works.
and zakk found a place to park. as we headed down the
woods, i didn't see the stream. 'where'd the water go??'
and then, a few steps more....and it was like the whole
woods changed color. it was like the you crossed the magic
line. it was like you stepped into another world.
we found the water......and something else.
the magic of the woods.

and i melted right into it.
and i knew how much i had missed bein' outside and just

what a day.....
and it's a weekend full of fun.
the only goal is to be and to enjoy.
and that's my plan.......

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Merry ME said...

Feeling relaxed just reading about it!
Your time with your boys are some of my favorite of your posts!