Sunday, October 31, 2010

making love win.....

i've been hearin' a lot lately about the darkness
some people are in. the really dark darkness.

and i've been hearin' about suicide thoughts from
more than one person lately.

and i gotta tell ya, some of the stories people
carry around are so incredibly heavy, i can understand
the struggle. some of the weights that they are
living with are more than i can really even think
about. and they're living with them. and yeah, i
wonder how it must feel to carry that weight around
every day.

and here i sit and write notes and root them on
and say stay. don't go. don't let the others win.
stay with us.

the doubt creeps into my mind....
do i have a right to tell them this???

and i have to believe it matters.
i have to believe that they need to know i want them
to stay. cause i do want them to stay.

i want you to stay.
i do.

some of you i know a little bit thru notes, and your
presence has touched my life. you have mattered to me.
you have made a difference to me.

it's funny, i really don't think of myself as competitive
but over and over inside i hear myself think
'don't let the bad guys win. don't let what they did
to you win. stay with us and let love win.
stay with us and help spread love and let love win.'

and i can feel this whole huge strong streak in me that
feels it with every cell.

it's one place i feel competitive.

we gotta make love win.

stay with us and help with that..........
ya know?


Merry ME said...

Here's the thing, Ter,
From my experience, people who are in that darkness, for whatever reason, can't see the light or feel the love. Very often they don't feel worthy of either, even though this is nothing more than a manifestation of the darkness. I dare say, they don't "feel" bad, they think they "ARE" bad, or unloveable, or stupid, or gay, or nerdy, or fat .......

You know and I know this is not the truth. The job then, is to first help people begin to see that there is hope - that their truth is not THE truth. As the hope grows so will the light. As the light inside begins to burn so will the fight against the dark.

And this, I think, is where you come in my friend (not just you, all of us,) your messages on FB and here and in Josh's songs, etc, are the embers that can be fanned into the tiniest of flames of light. WIth time the light will grow.

I'm reminded of Sorrow's starfish story. You can't save everyone, but to the ones who read your blog, you can make a big difference. This is what is going to help win the battle.

Bless you.

Sherry said...

Being a pretty competitive person myself, I absolutely love the idea of fighting for love to win. Thanks!

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

*calling Terri long distance from within the dark*

hey friend,you see that understanding flame in your heart...people like you are our beacon of light...and our thinking is all screwed up in we need people like you to say all that you're saying (right, shmight, that's just doubt). We KNOW that you are talking from a place of love...thank the universe you are, because it's scary i'm sure to hear about the dark so much from your side of things.

it...LOVE's like a salve you, Sorrow...the gentle souls administrating it...i ain't giving up, I remember what's on the other side today...

WRO xo