Monday, November 1, 2010


love. love. love.
it's all about love.
i walked and every stream of thought i was having
landed back to that darn foundation of love.

i was trying to figure out how to handle something
in my life...and it was so clear that i just needed
to operate from a place of love and do what felt
right to me. it was just that simple.

don't get confused ter, with what you think people
want from you. that gets you stuck and confused and
pressured and uptight. just love from your heart
and leave the rest alone.

i was struggling with watchin' my elderly neighbor
not do so good. she's changing and it's hard for
me to watch. hard for me to accept. and i knew all
i could do was keep on lovin' her.

don't get lost in the fear of losing her and the fear
of loss itself, ter. don't get stuck in fear. just grab
the moments and love the best you can. you know that's
what matters.

a couple other things ran thru my head that i'm tryin'
to 'deal with.'

no need to deal, ter.
just love.

it's really pretty easy, isn't it?

and i laughed as i thought that. and remembered sayin'
to my guy this week 'figurin' out and workin' with relationships
is really as easy as figurin' out god, ya know?'

and he responded with some sarcastic thing like 'yeah, we've all got
the god stuff down clearly.'

and i laughed.

there's part of me that sees the complete simplicity of
all that stuff. relationships, god, love. i see the connectedness
of it all and the complete ease of it all.

and then.....well.........we know the blogs are full of the other
part of me that struggles forever with this stuff. that doesn't
see much ease.

what a mix inside of me.

but this morning, as i walked, i knew.....i just had to keep my
eyes on love.....and keep my heart open.....


Michele said...

I know I want to comment about today's blog, but don't know for sure if I can truly express how important what are you doing is to everyone you touch. Maybe that just says it - you matter, I matter, we all matter and no one can truly walk in our shoes, but you, Terri, always understand.

Much love to you, M

Pamela Jones said...


If there is any real magic in this world, it would have to be the Love -- the pure kind that just "is" without a need for specific outcomes.

Jymi said...

love without expectation....

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

love is all you just to let go and let love ;-)


Grace said...

:) Love never fails!