Tuesday, November 2, 2010


communicating........my gosh it's complicated!

it doesn't seem like it should be.
it seems like it should be so simple.

but wow....i've been watchin' it the last few days
in so many different situations and i've been
shakin' my head.

all those strings inside each one of us come out
in so many different subtle ways. and they twist
and tangle with the strings of others and my gosh,
it can get to be a mangled mess.

and what if you don't read the subtle very well?
woe. i can't even imagine that.

i've been watchin' it from up close and personal
heart things to things like voting and issues with
the country.

and i tell ya, it makes me shake my head.

how in the world can we ever find peace???
in ourselves and in our world......

today i'm finding peace in looking beyond the words,
or lack of words, to what i believe is the heart of
the person or the thought...

and it's helping.
it's helping.

i just have to learn to make that a habit.

i really really really think 'effective communication'
shoulda been a number one course in school all thru every
year as we grew up.

i wonder if it woulda helped........

as i stepped outta the voting place this morning and
faced a gorgeous peach and pink lit up sky, i said a quiet
prayer for all of us. in our relationships, our country,
and our world......

may we learn to listen and hear each other........
may we learn how to respond in positive ways.
may we grow in understanding.
may we grow in love.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Amen Sistah! I'm with you!

May we all grow in Divine Love and Infinite Peace.

Here's wishing for you a stellar day!

Sherry said...

ooo Terri (I think I start all my comments to you that way!!)

I SOOO agree on the communication course thing. And I LOVE your prayer..I'm going to adopt it to use too!

Thank you!

p.s. the word verification is "reclara" like..."to see clearly again" he he