Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my new sneakers

a friend asked me the other day if i appreciated
the great life i had.

i smiled when i read that....

oh yeah.

and it was really good timing as i've been noticing
more and more all that i have to appreciate.

today when my heart melted from kindness shown to me,
i thought of my friend's question.

yeah. i really did appreciate my life.

i had hurt my foot just a bit ago.
it's finally all better and i'm back on the treadmill.
today as i walked along on it, i felt a pain shoot
thru my foot.
oh no. i realized that i hadn't gotten new shoes yet.
that i was doing exactly what i had done before and
that i may very well mess my feet up again.

time for new shoes, i thought.

i'm juggling funds and i really would prefer to wait
a month to get them. i REALLY didn't want to get them now.

it's your foot, ter. you gotta take care of it.


i hopped on zappos and looked at a few sneakers.

i knew i had to take the plunge.....
but sure wasn't thrilled about it.
i wanted to make sure i got something that would be
good for my feet. and i just didn't have a lotta time
to go thru all the millions of pairs. and sure didn't
want to buy the wrong thing. it wasn't even fun to pick
fun colors as i was being practical and budgeting and
trying to be smart.

thought i'd talk feet with bob later and see if he
had any good input before i bought something.

went on with my day.
which included a great coffee break with the girls.

as i walked back into my studio, i saw piles of boxes.
UPS had come and delivered stuff for bone sighs.
and there on top was a zappos box.


that wasn't for bone sighs.

i opened it up and found a pair of sneakers.

i couldn't believe it.

i picked up the phone and called him right away.
i was so moved, i was melted.

he couldn't tell.
none of the guys in my life quite have my melted voice
down. they think something's wrong.

he picked up the phone and i launched right into a
'did you order me sneakers??'

he tells me i'm a bit too stubbornly independent sometimes
and don't want his help with stuff.

so i think he thought he might be in trouble.
i could feel the hesitation in the long pause.

'yes.' was all he answered.

and then i told him how it melted me and about the treadmill
and me looking on zappos this very morning.

i could feel the relief on his end.

and i smiled.

i heard his smile and his 'perfect.'
and i felt so lucky to have him.

i have new sneakers tonite.
and i was walkin' all over the house in them feelin'
totally rich.
then i stopped myself.
wait a minute, ter.....you were hesitant to buy some.
cause of budgeting.
you call that rich?
these were a gift.
you call that rich?

yeah, i answered that voice.


i call that rich.

cause it is.
so there.

and i turned in my new sneaks and walked around some more.

i may sleep in these things.....

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