Wednesday, November 3, 2010

loving you guys...

if anyone's havin' a hard day, and needs some inspiration
to help get thru, head over to my facebook page and check
out all the comments left there in response to my asking
for some inspiration.

i was way taken with what people left there.

having a friend in distress, i posted for her to get her
some stuff that might help her thru the nite. and it sure
didn't take long for people to show up and leave a few
tidbits of help along the way.

and as she's dealing with some particularly awful memories,
and i do mean awful,
i asked over on the bone sigh arts face book page for some
help dealing with that stuff. and my gosh, people showed
up with some really helpful stuff.

no one knew the extent of the pain she's feeling, and it's
deep. but everyone who posted was well familiar with pain
and darkness. and everyone was offering a hand.

i did it specifically for one person in mind, and yet heard
from several different people of how it helped them and how
they needed it right now.

as i finished reading the comments on both pages, i was just
so filled with the goodness of people. which is really cool,
cause it was the evil part of people that caused the whole
stir in the first place.

and i don't say 'evil' this case tho, that's
what it feels like. so to see the goodness....i don't know...
maybe i needed to see that. i don't know....but it sure helped
me and reminded me that we are so not alone.

throwin' that out here for anyone who needs it. i've got
two face book pages to check out if you're struggling.......

and for those of us who are feelin' good right now...
let us delight in the gift that is!

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