Sunday, October 17, 2010

more leaking....

everybody remember the cave story?
i put everything in....threw it in there.....
waiting for the important stuff to come back out.

ya with me?

bone sighs came out first.

not the worry, frustration, concern of making it all work.
oh no. that stayed in.
but the heart of it. the soul of it. what it means to me.
that came out first.
way way cool.

next came bob.
that was a relief.
i gotta say, i was wonderin' what would happen there.
again, not the worry, frustration and concern of making
it work....but the heart and soul of bob.

a theme seems to be building.

and then.....
some vague god stuff started kinda leakin' out.

vague, misty god stuff.

enough to make me smile and give me hope.
and certainly not any of the worry, frustration and
concern of trying to figure it out.
that all stayed in the cave.

but the heart and soul of it all........well...
that's comin' right on out.

and then last nite.....
in a dream......
a really cool dream i woke up with this morning.....

i was tellin' someone who was havin' a hard time....
i was explaining to him that the only way it really
works is with a little magic mixed in.

that i have no way to explain it...
but i do know there's magic involved in living.

that was the message i woke up with.

i have been thinking about that all day.
and smilin'.

cause along with that misty vague god stuff that's
leakin' out....i do believe some belief in magic is
comin' out too.

the mystical is oozin' outta that cave.....

and all the worry, frustration and concern is stayin' put.

i am soooooooo likin' this.

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