Monday, October 18, 2010


i got a new book that i'm loving.
it's called 'scarred by struggle,transformed by hope'
by joan chittister
and so far, i'm completely diggin' it.

wanted to share some gems from it........

first of all, i fell in love with her because
of something she said about god. felt like she
was talkin' to me, and i breathed it in....

'but god is not a puppeteer and god is not a
magic act. god is the ground of our being, the
energy of life, the goodness out of which all things
are intended to grow to fullness.'

loved that.

'enduring struggle is the price to be paid for
becoming everything we are meant to be in the world.'

'the essence of struggle is neither endurance nor
denial. the essence of struggle is the decision to
become new rather than to simply become older. it is
the opportunity to grow either smaller or larger in
the process.'

'the great choice with which struggle confronts us,
then, is not whether to accept it - struggle comes
unbidden. it doesn't matter whether we accept it. the
choice is whether to crumble under it or brave it.'

okay, so i liked those.......and thought i'd throw
those out there for a little inspiration! she's pretty
good about it too. she's not sayin', okay, hop up
and get over it. no. she's not sayin' that at all.
she's sayin' it takes time to get up again. and it does.

i just thought these were good to remember......

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