Monday, October 11, 2010

a quiet day

okay, i don't remember having this before...

i've got a touch of something...
but it's not enough to make me miserable...
but it is enough to quiet me down.

and thru the quiet is this real good feeling.
a profound feeling.

and i keep kinda stopping and wondering where the
heck this is coming from. how come i feel so
profoundly good inside??? and yes, i'll take it!

i'm not worried about anything.
i'm not tryin' to get anything done.

i just am.

i like this.

there's no mad rush to catch up on all that i need
to catch up on after taking the time off with the guys.
there's a knowing it's all okay.

that's new.

and then, i got a really nice note from a customer.
and she said something. she said she saw god/creation
in my work.

i stopped right there.
at that part.

i've been doin' a lotta god thinking...
even got into a god conversation with josh last nite.

and what she said....well, it's what i want.
and when i think about it, i don't know how to do it.
but i guess it's in the not thinking about it, huh?

and it seemed to solidify what it is that's surfacing
in me...the stuff that's coming back to me deeply...

that god is in love.
and in real.
and in your depths.

and i feel this feeling...
like i'm getting excited about that stuff again.
like something inside is waking up again.

like maybe i had to have a completely quiet day after
three completely amazing days of love to let some
of this sink in.

i walk amidst god stuff daily.
and i'm remembering that again.

1 comment:

Tender Heart said...

Beautiful...God truly is amazing. He/She seems to speak in mystical ways...when we need it the most. Even in the "littlest things" on a day to day basis. Confirmations of the existance of so much more than "our little selves" who sometimes seem so big......