Tuesday, October 12, 2010

thresholds of soul

okay i feel a little slow on this one.
bet everyone out there has had this thought before.
but i never had.

altho, now i keep thinking i just forget all the
thoughts i have and keep rehaving them! but this
one seemed way new to me.

it's the idea that the body is housed in the soul.
not the other way around.
the BODY is housed IN the SOUL.

i think i ALWAYS picture the soul in the body.
well, in reading anam cara last nite, he throws
it out the other way round.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i stopped on that one.
i really really like that idea.

he said that therefore all around you is a secret
beautiful soul light.

i'm guessin' that means your aura?
not sure. but i like this.

and then this part:

'being in the soul, the body makes the senses
thresholds of soul.'

(okay, i missed this the first time around. think
my mind was wandering. so when i saw that this
morning i went ohhhhhhhhhhhh.)

'to be sensual or sensuous is to be in the presence
of your own soul.'

'your senses link you intimately with the divine
within you and around you. attunement to the senses
can limber up the stiffened belief and gentle the
hardened outlook. it can warm and heal the atrophied
feelings that are the barriers exiling us from ourselves
and separating us from each other. then we are no longer
in exile from the wonderful harvest of divinity that is
always secretly gathering within us.'


i totally loved this.
wanted to share.

i'll be thinking on this stuff today...
how can you not be captivated with the idea of
'thresholds of soul'??!!!


Elizabeth said...

Oh Terri I really like this concept. It also explains what I sense when I meditate or begin to heal a client.

But of course just to be a contrary character I also feel there is a pradox here, for I think the soul is ALSO in the body.

Don't ask me to explain that one it just came to me as I read your 'thresholds of the soul'.

I suspect that the soul is woven beautifully through and around us in a sphere of the most magnificent colour and light. We are immersed in it and it (the soul' is immersed in us.

Sorry if this sounds garbled I was trying to explain something that was whispering into my consciousness as I wrote.

Elizabeth (Slingsby)

Merry ME said...

Jack has also been reading anam cara. We were talking about it "soul" the other day and he mentioned that it is outside the body. Huh? I've always thought of it inside - like you.

This is a whole new concept and I'm going to have to go back to the book and pick up where I left off!

Pamela Jones said...

Very cool, indeed. Fits with some studying I've been doing about Energy Medicine. Thanks for mentioning it!