Saturday, October 2, 2010

sacred places

i took a long bike ride last nite.
it's on a bike trail they put in not far from

i went further on it than i ever had before.

and i found this place.....

the guys say it was prolly cause i was delirious.

maybe it was just the weather and the evening
lighting...i don't know....

but it took my breath away.

i'm going to go back and bike there again.
i wonder if it will feel as beautiful to me.
i'm curious.

i hope it does.

it's like a little sacred spot.

i had one of those growin' up....
a place i went to as a teen and hung out.
in the woods, with a creek.
i would go up there and just sit and be and
feel the holiness of the place.

that's what this felt like.

and i'm reminded....those places are out there...

we just have to see.

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