Sunday, October 3, 2010

there is no green dot

it's an optical illusion...
i don't even know how it works.
and if i had the link, i'd pop it here,
but it doesn't really matter....

it's a circle made up of pink dots.
and for whatever reason, when you look at it,
you see this green dot goin' around the circle.

thing is, there is no green dot.

you just think you see one.

there is no green dot.

but you're sure there is.
cause it's right there goin' around the circle
in front of you.

but there is no green dot.

i saw that yesterday, and it's really really stuck
with me.

'it's a lot like life' i said out loud.

funny timing too.
i had been thinking about some of my fears that get
in my way with stuff.
and how that fear causes me to see things that aren't
really there.

talk about timing.

i wrote down 'there is no green dot.'

i want to use that as a tool when i'm feelin the fear.

so much of reality is what we make it into.

how many green dots are you creating???

that's what i keep asking myself........

(hey! i just saw these on the front page of yahoo!
couldn't believe it! i didn't know they were there!
click here for the green dot thing!


T2 said...

Reminds me of something Deb S. (our glory sister) used to say....."It just isn't true." or something like that. I made a pencil holder one time and wrote that on it with a black sharpie. Kinda like her resistance toy idea but on a cup. Like is so dang peculiar, aint it?

Sherry said...

ha ha..that reminded me of the line from the matrix, "there is no spoon." ha ha...there is no green dot...awesome!

on a slightly related note..the last comment I made had "flabbyho" as the verification word...I wasn't really sure how to take that!!!