Sunday, October 3, 2010

october third

the musician stevie ray vaughan is who i think of
as the person who woke my soul up and who inspired
me to find my passion. this man made me realize there
was something 'out there' i really wanted to tap into.

he's truly my hero. it's his birthday today.
i'll be listening to his music all day.
and i think the timing is perfect.
i need him right now....and it's been awhile since
i've really tuned in.

i just went over to youtube and flipped when i saw
all the clips there! i hadn't checked him out there
before! my gosh......i couldn't link the ones i wanted
to here...and i keep getting sidetracked watching them
all! so i'd better just leave it as head on over if you
want a spurt of inspiration!

it's also the birthday of another hero of mine today.
amazingly enough, my guy shares stevie's birthday.
i think that's the coolest thing. he's tryin' to ignore
the birthday stuff so that's all i'll say.

but i'm toastin two men who changed my life today!

i'll be celebratin' all day....

1 comment:

Grace said...

SRV is one of my all time favorites and a spectacular musician taken from us too early.

Since you appear to be a 'blues girl' like myself :), you might like a very interesting newer artist: Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real (Willie Nelson's son). Saw his play some amazing blues last night on the Farm Aid 2010 concert..he's really an original!