Monday, November 8, 2010


and the seeing continues.......

oh my gosh.

i did an audio to go up on our site this morning on 'seeing' -
it's about the idea of really trying to see each other.

ya know....
that's a lot harder than it sounds, i think.

i pulled out a greeting card i made years ago.
have it sitting on my desk right now.
it says:

'for clarity of sight - to see herself and her
intentions - for this she prayed.'

i wrote that years ago.
i was in a place where i just felt so blind to who
i was. i just so felt like i couldn't see myself.

i've come a long way with that.
but you know, i don't think this seeing stuff ever
really is gonna end. this workin' on it.
this polishing of my eyeballs.

which is why i pulled the card out and put it here
this morning......

i want to see.
i want to see me.
i want to see the people around me without the
filters of my baggage.

and the funny thing is...they've got their own filters.
so even if i get my part down....they might not get
their part down. ya know?

and i think that's part of the seeing.
knowing that.
and understanding how hard it is to dissolve the filters.
and allowing people their own journey with their own

i think this journey into being real is so much more
than i ever could have imagined. i had no idea there was
so much to truly living, truly loving, truly being.

for clarity of sight.....for this she prayed......

1 comment:

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

i like this terri...i feel like i can't see myself right now...but i remember what i used to be like...

i'm going to write it down, if's that's okay with you, and add it to my conversation with Goddess too..

WRO xo