Thursday, November 4, 2010

a gutter freak

i've apparently got a gutter fixation.

my gutters needed some help.
right over my bedroom window, i'd get a waterfall.
and even i knew that couldn't be good.
altho, if i wasn't the homeowner, i sure would have
found the waterfall pretty.
actually, even tho i was the homeowner, i sure did find
that waterfall pretty.

but i knew i had to fix the whole deal.

noah got out there with me and we did a little repair.
i loved it.
it felt so good.
slappin' my hands together in satisfaction, i felt good.
the next rain we had was hard, and the waterfall now fell
right over my living room window.


so out we all went, noah, zakk and i.

i got up on the roof with zakk.
noah on the ladder with the hose.
we were gonna be scientific about it.

some cleaning it out, an adjustment here,
staring at the water we flowed into it. talking angles
and technical water talk....
we tweaked our gutters.

as the boys rounded the corner to fix that side of the gutters,
i got down to check the downspouts.

even the word downspout tickles me.

just hollerin' up 'I'LL CHECK THE DOWNSPOUTS' made me feel
like an explorer.

one was gone.
the turny part at the end.
where does a turny part go???

zakk tells me we have a spare in the shed.
you're kidding.
a spare turny thing???
we rock.

checking out the next downspout turny thing...
my gosh.
it's BURIED.
i's buried.

and for some reason, this thrills me.
i unbury it.
move all the earth out of the way.
boost up the downspout.
clear that out.

you would have thought i discovered australia
by the way i felt. i was so darn proud of myself.
and for some reason i felt like an explorer.
a conqueror.

now, i get this takes no talent at all.
and i get that one could point out that a really
good homeowner (or even just an okay homeowner)
would not have let the whole thing get buried in the
first place.
i get that.

but for some reason, it didn't matter.

i was thrilled and so very proud of myself.

when i walked back up to my house in the rain today,
i checked the gutter situation.
just like a real handy dandy homeowner.
i checked for waterfalls, and weird wet spots
AND i checked my downspout.

and i smiled.

all was flowing perfectly.

as i headed in my house, i felt the smile on my face.

and then i laughed.
i'm a gutter freak.

and proud of it!

it's the little things in life..........


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud with this post. I knew exactly what you meant about the turny thing. Perhaps if you'd used the correct term (whatever that may be) I'd have been confused. No confusion here. Turny thing it shall always be!


Pamela Jones said...

This gives whole new meaning to the expression, "ter...get your mind out of the gutter."

Australia? Laughing Out Loud!