Monday, November 22, 2010

her energy...

there had been so much heaviness around the weekend.
and yesterday was one of those crazy, busy days.
there really was only one moment that woulda worked
for them to drop in.

and sure enough, they dropped in at that moment.
one of my best friends and her 14 year old daughter.
my god daughter. i was so happy to see them.

they were making their 'thanksgiving gratitude' stop
and brought home made muffins and lots of love.

we grabbed a quick cup of tea together and i sat and
watched 14 year old girl energy.

my gosh, it's completely different than anything i've
ever known with my sons. and i remember this energy
from being 14 myself once. and i soooooo loved it.
i just reveled in it. i just sat there soaking her up.

and it felt so good to rejoice in life and see someone
just living it so fully. she made me laugh. she made
me feel lighter. she made me happy.

i looked across the table at her, thinking of how much
love she's grown up with. of all the good things in her
life. how all that has come together and given her now.
she had no idea what i was thinking. she was busy telling
me all about the harry potter movie.

i watched her interactions with her mom and laughed.
briefly realized how much i have missed in not having a daughter.
let that go, and loved my god-daughter and waved goodbye
in the driveway as they had running to do yet. and so did i.

she came thru like a breeze and just made me happy.

ah, the energy of a 14 year old girl.
they have no idea how they can light up a world.

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