Tuesday, November 30, 2010

orange and gray

i've been havin' trouble gettin any really
tight set schedule ever since the time change.
so my walks are sometimes in the dark, sometimes
in the light, sometimes in the inbetween.

this morning i just figured i'd hit the full light.

but as i was getting ready to go out, i looked out
my window.......and it was orange and peach all over
the sky! i gasped.

ohmygosh, i haven't missed it!

i ran to get my shoes on, grabbed my orange coat...
'i'll match' i thought as i grabbed it, literally
ran over to grab a quick drink of water and rushed
my way outside. as i was runnin' around i realized
it was like someone was honking in the driveway
waiting for me to get out there! only it was nicer
than a honk.

i realized i was runnin' out to what felt like one
of my best friends, and i didn't want to be late.

that so made me smile.

and as i turned onto my driveway, there was the


i felt so lucky to have found it.

as i looked up at it, i realized it was raining???
how weird.
but just like spitting.

so i walked, and the sky spit, and the orange turned
gray. and the sky kept spitting.

i'm everything inside.....so many different emotions
floatin' around right now.
the sky crying on me felt just perfect.
so did the brilliant orange color.

cause that's what i felt like inside...
brilliant colors, and then gray too.
singing and then crying.

me and the sky. we're full of stuff today.
and as the sky dropped its tears, i carried them
on my face and in my soul.

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