Tuesday, November 30, 2010

exercisin' a little bit of everything...

i curled in with a book that i thought would be wonderful.
and maybe it is. but not to me.
it drives me nuts. makes me cranky.
and i thought maybe i'd hang in there and see if there
was gonna be something good for me sooner or later.

finally, figurin' that was a dumb plan for now,
i went to put it on my shelf and saw one that i had
read recently and had loved.

so i picked it up.
what the heck.
i had wanted to read it again.
now might be the time.

and as i opened it, my insides trembled with joy.
okay, this is more like it, i thought.
and in a matter of moments i was inspired.

and in a matter of moments it put a whole lot back in
perspective for me.

yesterday was the first day back on the treadmill in way
too long. woe. my legs were feelin' it. man, i'm outta shape,
i thought.

well, you did just totally goof off and eat way too much.
oh yeah.
makes sense.

that's kinda how i felt about my mind yesterday too.
it just felt way outta shape. forgetting all the good stuff
and just wallowing in the not so good.

well, guess you gotta exercise that a bit too, i thought.
and that's what the book felt like to me.
stretchin' me back to where i want to be.

this morning's treadmill deal was pretty sore as well.
man, this is gonna take more effort than i realized.

and as i walked this morning, i realized it would be the
same with my mind. i hadn't really thought of it like that
before. but it does need some stretchin' and exercisin' to
stay in shape.

and that's an okay thing.
actually, it feels kinda good.

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