Tuesday, November 9, 2010


this is a p.s. to the blog post below.
you should read that one first.....

but i just belly laughed at my kitchen table
cause the guys noticed i raked outside.
they looked at the pile of leaves and mentioned

and sooooooo i just had to tell them my story
about my heart (see blog below)

noah listens and then says 'let me ask you something, mom.'

'sure,' i say.

'when you picture your heart there, what's it look like?'

'it looks like a real heart. all gooey and slimy and oozey.
that's why the stuff sticks to it.'

i grinned at him.

he looked at me and said 'you know, i just don't even know
what to say.'

that's when i did a belly laugh.

i love these guys.

we had breakfast and talked and joked and there was a lot
of laughing goin' on.

'ya know, mom, whatever you did sure seems to have done
something to you.'

i grinned again.

'it's the leaves....and the moss....and the seed pod thingie...'

zakk just looked at me with this goofy grin on his face....

ah, life......
sometimes the little things mean everything....


Merry ME said...

Thinking about this post and Pam's photo - the little green sprigs of green peeking out of the bricks. It's a different visual but similar. WHen you heart is feeling hard, or surrounded by bricks, there's always a little whole in between the rocks where pretty, soft, colored, joyful stuff can grow.

Smiling that you two are on the same wave length and trying to incorporate into my life.

Witch of Stitches said...

Again, lovely. Leaves and moss and pod things for the heart - definitely sounds healing to me.