Wednesday, November 10, 2010

this women thing...

something happened yesterday that just totally
touched me.

a woman i've exchanged just a few emails with
came thru with some writing she wanted to share with
the woman i mentioned in a blog recently who was told
she was taking too long with her grief.

she's working on publishing a short book and actually
sent me a copy of that. if you're a writer, you know
what a big act of trust that is. and she sent me a poem
and another piece she had written.

all really cool acts of trust and reaching out.
they were for the woman i mentioned in the blog.

see, i'm just the middle (wo)man. and what a treat that
is! cause i got to read the stuff! and let me tell ya,
when she publishes, i will announce it cause it's the
kinda book we all want to give to a friend having a hard

her heart is magnificent.
and her reaching out just touched me so deeply.
i thought of the comments left on that blog.
heartfelt comments from women who've experienced loss
and grief and were sharing their wisdom and support.

last nite as i was headin' to bed, i had to make a quick
call to my surrogate mom. it was quick. and yet...
it was so full of love.

as i climbed into bed last nite, i was just filled
with the grace of women.

if you're lonely, feeling like no one understands,
feelin' that kinda thing......guaranteed there's a woman
out there willing to talk to you about it. you just gotta
find her.

and how do you find her?

i think by showing people your heart.
the first woman you meet may not be the one who will
listen...but i don't think it would take too many tries.

i find it hard not to find a woman who's hurt in some
way and wants to share your hurt with you.

and THAT seems like one of the most profound quiet miracles
we have walkin' around us every single day.

i'm headin' to coffee with a girlfriend today.
and while i've always known she's a piece of gold in my life,
i'm not sure i ever looked at her like a miracle before.
i am today.....

we are really really special.


Merry ME said...

It seems very strange to me that tI have found the women you speak of in the gigantic and not so intimate blogosphere. Well, not intimate in the way sitting over a cup of coffee could be. Nonetheless I used the anonymity of the Internet to learn how to trust, to tell my story, to share my truths, painful and joyful and lo and behold, women were there for me. I have never felt so loved, cared for, encouraged and uplifted.

Funny, I was raised in a house full of women, but I don't think I ever really believed in the sisterhood of women until the last few years.

And I've said it before, but it all started with you, Miss Ter, and your great big heart. Thanks you a kazillion times over. For me and for the others that are out there too.

Lori Anne (Mamaste Mama) said...

I too know this special woman you are talking about. We met in a writing class, and we recognized a deep connection with each other right away. I smiled at your title, "honor yourself" for this blog. I call it "Mamaste" that honoring of the divine feminine in ourselves and each other. With my beautiful friend who has written a deeply personal, yet expansively universal book, these qualities of divine feminine connection radiate. She has written from such a place of love, honor and support. I feel blessed to know her, and I too look forward to the day when her book is birthed into the world. It's gonna' be something special. Mamaste!

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

Terri, coincidentally I went to the blogs you sent me and met some incredibly wise and meaningful words and women today. As you suggested, I'm reaching out with my words, not only to those who've traveled this road but also to myself...I get to look at my stuff just as raw honest as anyone else does...and I KNOW that one day, when I'm through the other end of AFGO (another fucking growth opportunity) :-), I'll be in a place to offer a hand or a shoulder like you and others have.

I am so blessed with this women thing...

WRO xo