Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what are the chances?

i mean, seriously, what ARE the chances??

the guys and i were finishing up an order in the studio.
we looked outside at the leaves and i commented that
we'd have to clean the gutters again. 'in fact, maybe
i'll do that today.' i said without even thinking.

uh oh.
i realized it too late.

i looked at zakk who was opening his mouth to tell me
that i couldn't get on the roof. they're way too darn
protective about that. and i love to get up there.

'oh no, we don't need to do it today,' i lied.
'i've got way too much work anyway.'

they finished and went back to their own stuff.

i gave them some time to get safely tucked away,
then i headed up to grab a jacket.
as i walked thru the living room, i heard zakk
comin' down from the attic.

oh no, i thought.
what were the chances of this???
he usually goes up and stays up there.

i ducked into the kitchen, grabbed a cup of
water that was on the table and held it.
like that's what i was there for.

he walked in 'whattya doin'?' he asked.

'nothing' i said, tryin' to sound innocent.

it wasn't workin'.

nothin'? he asked.

nothin' i said as i sipped some water.

'you look a little guilty,' he said.

and that did it, i spit water outta my mouth and laughed.

'okay, now i know you're guilty' he said.

i laughed and said 'whatya YOU doin'??'

'nothing' he said. 'i was thinking i might go wander outside.'

'me too,' i said. 'but you know, we both have a lotta work to do.'

'yeah,' he agreed. 'we should go do it.'

'yeah,' i said and wandered back to my studio.

i figured i'd give him a few minutes then sneak out to the roof.

yeah. right.
next thing i knew, i looked out my studio doors and saw him
wandering back to the shed.


i ran outside.
no! no~! no! not fair!

the timing was just too crazy.
how on earth did he know to come down when he did???

he cleans the gutters out in about two minutes with the leaf
blower. i take forever scootin' around the roof and usin' my hands.
i knew his way was 'better'....but i still wanted up there.

so i followed him up on the roof and just said hello to the day
and grinned at how fun it was to have zakk in my life....

i'm still laughin' thinking of spittin' the water out and tryin'
to lie to him.

ahhhh....those gutters are turnin' into such fun!

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