Friday, December 24, 2010

a good good day

in a few hours my christmas day starts.
this is my full day with the guys....
there's a present exchange early between
us and that kooky guy in my life, there's
goofin' at josh's, there's goin' out for lunch,
there's goofin' here, droppin' off goodies
to neighbors, all of us gatherin' in the
kitchen to make dinner, more presents this
evening, and even santa driving down the road

the guys will be here in and out tomorrow...
but this is the day that feels the most special
to me.

it's nothing but fun, goodness and love.
and i tell ya what, i'm gonna take it and
soak up every moment of it.

on christmas eve evening, there's something
so special that all of us seem to feel.
each one of us can touch it.

and THAT right there, the fact that each one
of us feels it and can say we feel it is the
best gift i can imagine.

there's just a gratitude for each other.

you can almost see it hangin' in the air.

the gifts actually help bring it out.
the material gifts.
tonite is the time the guys give their gifts
to each other and to me.

the ones i give are 'santa gifts' and are for
tomorrow....but tonite it's time for the brother gifts.

those gifts always have a lot of thought and love in them....
and they say to each other 'i see who you are, and you matter.'

i truly believe that happens. every year i watch. and every year
i'm amazed.

i think that's really one of the few times i see the power
of presents.the GOOD power.

ever have someone in your life who always gives the wrong thing???
who never gets it right. never hits something you'd really like??

yeah.....well, there's a lotta power in that, ya know?
yeah, we all know.

this is the opposite.

so even the presents are cool.

last year one of the things the guys gave me was a little tea set
in honor of little terri.

things like that.......
'i see who you are and you matter.'

it's a day of that.
a whole entire day of that.

talk about grateful......
i couldn't ask for any more.......

merry christmas...

you matter.


Grace said...

Merriest of Christmas to you and yours, Terri <3

Merry ME said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Love the picture I have in my mind of all of you sitting around the tree laughin'.

Pamela Jones said...

Grateful for ter and her guys. Your picture is on my fridge. You matter very much to me.