Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a good kinda day...

someone over on face book started 'pay it forward day'
which is today!

i'm thinking everyone knows the pay it forward concept?
but last nite, talking to the cashier at the grocery store,
she didn't. so just in case someone else doesn't know...
it's when you do something nice for someone and ask them
to do something nice for someone else -
to pay that forward (instead of paying you back...)

i got so excited when i found out that this was gonna be
happening that i ran out to the grocery store and bought
goodies to leave on my neighbor's porches. i laughed at
myself standing in the candy section. 'is food always your
first idea of goodies??' i asked myself. yep! absolutely!

i made little tags and taped them on each one explaining
what the heck this was for...and to pay it forward...

in the dark, pouring rain this morning, i grabbed my goodies
and went out to deliver! it was 5:45 and i had already missed
TWO neighbors. was gonna slip something under their windshield
wipers. oh well....i went for their front door. two other neighbors
had their cars runnin' already! my gosh! tough to beat this crowd.

scootin' back to my yard and slippin' behind a tree in stealth mode,
i waited for one neighbor to go in. then i scooted up to their porch
and made my delivery! i was creeping and grinnin' and lovin' it.

i popped in the house for more and noah was standing there. smilin'
at me he said he'd join me. so there we were out in the windy
pouring rain...and i was beaming and saying 'this is perfect! just
perfect!' as the rain whooshed in our faces. 'take your hood off,
noah, you gotta feel this!' amazingly, he agreed.

we made a few more deliveries...and then walked around the block for
one last stop. i had walked by this man yesterday morning. he grabbed
his paper and waved. a perfectly normal thing to do. but it caught
my attention as i think he usually would have stopped and waited for
me to catch up and say hello. as that thought occurred to me, i noticed
his christmas lights. he only had a few out. he usually does his whole

hmmmm........i wondered about him as i walked yesterday. i hope he's

and last nite in the grocery store as i was pickin' out goodies, i thought
of him. oh! gotta get the nice man who might be sad something...

he was our last delivery...

insisting that we keep goin' around the block so we don't get caught,
and giggling like a mad fool, i leaned on noah's arm and we went up
to the busy road.

waiting for a break in cars, we ran as far as we could. then scooted
off the edge as a car came by. then we ran again. turning the corner,
i plopped my foot into a puddle of water that went up to almost my knee.
i laughed and laughed.

'didn't you know that was there??' noah asked in amazement.
'don't you drive around that all the time in the car??'

i laughed and laughed and said 'oh, yeah.'
ah, what can i say???

'ah, it just adds to it all.' noah laughed.
and i had to agree. i liked his way of thinking.

slippin' inside completely dripping i turned to noah with the biggest
smile on my face. he was standing there dripping and grinning.

little did he know that waiting for him, up on his keyboard was
his own goodie.

i rubbed my hands together.
the perfect start to a pay it forward day!


Merry ME said...

You are the lovingest, craziest team of do gooders I know. Bless you.

Debbie said...

So sweet and so much fun! Did you sign your name or was it anonymous?

Sorrow said...

Merry was asking about the "pay it forward christmas I used to do when I blogged. I think between you and her ( and me) we could get it done again...
what do you think oh queen of the soggy socks?

Gina said...

i wanna be in your family!!